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These are my fitness and athletic aspirations. They aren’t goals because they don’t have deadlines, yet.

  • 100 Pushups straight
  • 30 Pullups straight
  • 120 Situps in 120 seconds
  • 40 Burpees or Squat thrusts in 60 seconds
  • One set of 15 Squats at 2x my own weight
  • Bench Press 225 lbs
  • Body squat standing on a balance ball
  • Sub 5-minute mile
  • Sub 18-minute 5K
  • Sub 3:30 Marathon
  • Be able to hike from the Teton Pass parking lot to the top of Mt. Glory in 30 minutes, in the winter with boots on, skis on pack, and ski down with no more than a 5 minute pause up top. Be able to do this for two laps.
  • Sub 12:30 Ironman (use Lake Placid as a benchmark)
  • Lead a 5.11 Trad 3-pitch+ route (ie I lead at least two pitches)
  • Lead a W4 ice climb
  • Complete a significant, to me, mountaineering challenge (for example, summit Mt. Foraker)
  • Learn how to surf
  • Stick a 360 in the backcountry and a 540 in the park (on skis)
  • Drop a 20′ backcountry cliff
  • Get my Avi III certification
  • Do an unguided, week-long backcountry ski trip in Yellowstone

To some, this list doesn’t make that much sense. It’s a jumble of specific fitness exercises and much broader skill based achievements. It isn’t supposed to make sense. It’s just what I want to physically be able to do. I also recognize that some of these may not happen because other parts of my life take priority. For example, if we decide to start a family, climbing Mt. Foraker is probably not going to happen.

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