This was a work capacity day.

2 mile warmup run at a 7:30 mile pace.

5 Rounds

  • 5x Kettlebell Curtis P’s
  • Hill Sprint
  • 5x Slasher to Halo
  • Hill Sprint
  • 6x Deadlift
  • Hill Sprint
  • 10x Pushups
  • 1 minute rest

I started off trying to do just 3x Curtis P’s with 95# using the olympic bar that I was also using for the Deadlift. I had trouble, especially on the lunge and on the push press.  95# was far too easy for the deadlifts. I should have used the ez-curl bar to set up 75# for the Curtis P’s and 135# for the deadlifts at 8 reps insead of 6.

Things to do to make this workout harder next time

  • Add another Hill Sprint after the Pushups
  • Replace the rest with 20 Situps or 10 Weighted Situps for “active rest”
  • Make the Hill Sprints weighted
  • 7 rounds instead of 5
  • Make it timed
  • Add variety to the Pushups (side to side on the KB, crawler, dive bomber)
  • Add 2-3 rounds of 5 minute weighted stepups to the end (after finishing all rounds)