Straight from Rob at Mountain Athlete this is going to be the hardest workout I’ve done to date. Top, well trained athletes finished part 1 in 25 minutes. I’m going to be really pleased if I manage to finish in 35 minutes. It’s a lot of volume. Sum of 1 through 15 = 120 reps of each exercise if my brain isn’t going mushy on me. Thinking back the most reps of wall ball I’ve done in one workout is 60-70, so this will be a challenge. Mentally, though is seems easier as every round gets a little shorter… though I doubt it will seem that way.

Feb 4 – Work Capacity

Warm up: 4x Barbell Complex w/ 45#
1 Barbell Complex = 6 reps each of dead lift, bent over row, hang power clean, front squat, push press, back squat and push ups.


(1) 15-14-13-12 ……1 For Time
Wall Ball w/ 12# Medicine Ball
Dead Lifts w/ 135#
Jingle Jangles

(2) 5 Rounds
10x Hanging Knee Raises
5x Sandbag lifts
Sean Special = 30 sec left ab bridge – 10 pushups – 30 sec right ab bridge