I’m keeping up with one of Rob’s work capacity cycles. This workout is cribbed directly from him.

Two modifications:

– Step ups with 25# instead of 35#. The last work capacity workout that involved step ups I did with 35# and crashed completely. I had to call it after 10 rounds when I got dizzy and fell off the step box twice before dry heaving into the trash can for a couple of minutes. I’ll get to 35# but I got to work up to it.

– Slasher to halo with 16kg instead of 20kg. It’s a work capacity session, not strength, and I’m not to the point where I can handle 100 reps of 20kg slasher to halos without blowing up prematurely.

Even with these two modifications I’m going to have to push very very hard to finish.


Obj: Work Capacity (20 min)

Warm up: 10-minute Kettlebell Complex

1 minute each doing the following exercises. Don’t put kettlebell down during entire time. Men use 12kg, Women, 8 kg.

1-Arm Swing left hand
Figure 8
1-Arm Swing right hand
Figure 8
1-Arm clean and press left hand
Lunge (hold KB in right hand. lunge forward and back with left leg)
1-Arm clean and press right hand
Lunge (hold KB in left hand. lunge forward and back with right leg)


(1) 10 Rounds for Time
50x Step up with backpack (M-35#, W-25#)
5x Slasher-to-Halo (10x total, M-20kg, W-12kg) – leave backpack on
5x Push ups with backpack

(2) 3 Rounds
Rope Climb
SAM – Shoulder Mobility Drill
10x Dips
90-second ab bridge complex (30 seconds each: side bridge, forward bridge (elbows), side bridge-other side)
10x Elevated Pull ups

Post Workout:

Shit. I have a lot further to go than I thought I did. This is supposed to be a 20 minute workout? It took me 20:26 to finish 5 rounds instead of the programmed 10. I didn’t even bother with with part 2 other than the SAM. Just completely wiped. I ate two hours before and from round 3 on I kept feeling I had to puke. Got very close. I have to train weighted step ups – a lot.