Another work capacity session cribbed from Rob Shaul. I can’t say enough about how generous he is with his programming and time.

I’ve made some modifications (read made it easier). I cut the density training in two and replaced the bent over row and hang power snatch with high pulls. High pulls are one of my weak spots and I need to work on them for the next strength cycle which will include a lot of power snatches. I had to cut the warmup and the second part of the workout a bit short because I had less than an hour at lunch today.

The barbell complex density training is deceptively destructive. I did it at a mild 65#


Obj: Work Capacity (20+ minutes)

Warm up: 4 2 Rounds
10x Burpees
10x Ankles-to-Bar (A2B) Reverse Situps


(1)  10 2x 5 Rounds
1x Barbell Complex every 2 minutes for 10 minutes, then a 4 minute rest, then repeat.
(2) 5 3 Rounds
20m Dumbbell Crawl
10x Weighted Situps
HAM – Hip Mobility Drill