On Sunday I decided to go for a run. It looked beautiful outside and I figured “why not”. Rather than go with the running shoes I tried the Five Fingers. I’ve used the five fingers for sprint practices and such, but never for longer runs. Despite only running 20 minutes, I woke up the next day with incredibly sore lower calves. So I’ve been hobbling around instead of doing the Mountain Athlete workouts. Yesterday I threw in an upper body strength day. It felt weird going to the gym and doing just static lifts. Today I’m still deeply sore. I have been doing a lot of myofacial release with a foam roller and a lacrosse ball along with plenty of stretching. Good news is I can tell I’ve turned the corner and didn’t actually hurt anything. Today I’ll swim 25 minutes or so and then tomorrow I should be back on the ball.

Lesson learned – it takes a long time to condition you lower legs, ankles, and feet to run in Five Fingers. Since I walk around in them all day I thought I’d be fine. Not so. From now on I’m going to have to add a short jog at the end of all my workouts so I can condition my lower leg, ankle, and foot muscles.