(needless to say – straight from Mountain Athlete – videos for things like “mini leg blasters” and “sean specials” can be found there)

Work Capacity (short – 10 minutes)

Warm up: 5 Rounds 

Row 250 M

5 X 1-Arm Clean and Press


(1) 5 Rounds – For Time
 = 17:33
Mini Leg Blaster

5x Pull-ups for Men/ 3x Pull-ups for Women
 (I’m a girlie man, and did 3)
10x Push-ups for Men/7x Push-ups for Women

15x Sit-ups for Men/20x Sit-ups for Women

(2) 5 Rounds

5x Clean and Press (Start at BBC starting weight, increase load each round until 5x is hard but doable)
 Started at 65, went up to 85
Sled Push
 (replaced this with 10 box jumps, I usually push a sandbag on the basketball court floor, but court was in use)
10x Back Extensions

(3) 5 3 Rounds

10x Weighted Sit-ups

5x Ab Roller
 (I did it on my knees)
Modified Sean Special

This was a good long workout. Cut the last part down to 3 rounds instead of 5 because the gym was closing. For the timed part, I cut the 5 rep pullups to 3 because I simply couldn’t have finished 5. I was down to singles by the last round as it was. There’s something about doing pullups when you’re breathing heavy that’s downright destructive.

My time for part 1 was a bit slow. 17:33. It’s good for me to do these and just get a time down. I’m going to do a strength cycle next and then repeat this work capacity cycle to see where I stand. I’m sure I’ll see improvement. If nothing else the cuts I’ve made in my diet will mean that 4-5 weeks from now I should be 10 lbs lighter. On exercises like jump lunges and pullups 10 lbs matters. Hell, just cutting down to my target weight of 185-190 is a full 20-25 lbs less to move. It seems strange to think that I’m doing all these workouts as if I had a 25 lbs weight vest on.