My left shoulder is still sore. I’m going to take 5 or 6 days off completely from any left shoulder work and just let it recover. Then I’ll start adding shoulder rehab work for another week. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be training.

Menu of Exercises

Zero Shoulder Usage:
Ruck / Weighted hike
Jingle Jangles
Step ups – weighted / unweighted
Box Jumps
Leg Blasters
Ab Bridge right side

Minimal Shoulder Usage:
Sandbag Get Ups
Bulgarian Split squats in KB Rack position
Sandbag Squat Cleans
Goblet Squats holding most weight with right side

One Arm Work
1-arm Bench
Bar Get Ups
KB Clean + Press
KB Snatches
One arm DL
One arm OHS w/ DB or KB
One arm Rows

Using these, here’s my next week mapped out:

R – 6.17

3x Right Side Mobility Warmup

60 min 40# weighted brisk hike

F – 6.18
Objective – Work Capacity
3x Right Side Mobility Warmup


(1) 20 Rounds
1x Suicide Sprint every 30 seconds
5 yards and back, 10 yards and back

**** Rest 5 minutes *****

(2) 5 Rounds
Mini-Leg Blaster

S – 6.19

Easy 25 minute run – real easy

S – 6.20

Hangover Fog – Modified (Rob’s workout, so not posted)

M – 6.21

60 min 25# weighted brisk hike

T – 6.22

JUNUARY – Modified (Rob’s workout, so not posted)
Obj: Base Fitness – Strength

W – 6.23

Easy – 50 Sandbag Getups @ 65#