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When I started working out about a year ago I had some notion of the fitness goals I wanted to achieve. Now that I know much more, it’s time to revisit them.

Long – Term Goals


– Mountain Athlete Strength Standards (1RM)

Front Squat:       1.5x  Bodyweight (285)
Dead Lift:         2.0x  Bodyweight (380)
Bench Press:       1.5x  Bodyweight (285)
Squat Clean:       1.25x Bodyweight (240)
Clean & Press:     1.0x  Bodyweight (190)

– 100+ Operator Ugly Score
– 40 Consecutive Strict Pull Ups
– 100 Consecutive Strict Pushups

Work Capacity

– sub – 30:00 100x Curtis Ps @ 95#
10,000 Inches for time – No benchmark set yet
– 5x Leg Blasters for time – No benchmark set yet

Stamina + Speed

– 5k: 18:30
– 10k: 42:00
– 10 miles: 72:30


– 2k: 6:30
– 6k: 21:00


I need focus. 100 days with set goals are meant to provide that. 100 days are up December 17, 2009.

100 Day Goals

  • Body weight: 190 lbs (210)
  • Consecutive Strict Pullups: 15 (5)
  • Consecutive Strict Pushups: 65 (40)
  • 10x 30/30 Burpees: 95 (70)
  • 100 Curtis Ps for time: sub-35:00 @ 75# (37:34 @ 55#)

(brackets = current capacity)

calDiet is probably the most important part of this equation. After all, I can do 10 pullups with a 20# assist and an increase of 20# for my Curtis Ps at 20# lighter is almost the same thing. Same goes for pushups and burpees. As a result, I think that these goals may be too low so I will retest 50 days in and reassess.

I’m focusing on a semi-strict Paleo diet that includes Kefir and a bit of half-and-half in my coffee. I am also including 1 cheat beer a week.

photo: programwitch (cc)

Intermediate Goals by Dec 1, 2009

Weight: 190#

1 Rep Max

  • Bench: #245
  • Front Squat: #205
  • Deadlift: #300
  • Squat Clean + Push Press: #135

Bench (20 rep max): #175

Curtis Ps (8 RM): #135
Sandbag Getup: 10 minute sets: #80
Strict Pullups: 20
Strict Clapping Pullups: 3
Strict Pushups: 100
Strict Muscle ups: 5
Hand Stand Pushups: Just be able to hold the hand stand

Turkish Getups (1 RM): #55 with the standard olympic bar

Leg Blasters: 3x full sets straight no rest

Climb/Skin: 7000 ft. in 7 hours with 30# on your back. A good benchmark for this would be Avalanche Gulch on Mt. Shasta starting from the Bunny Flat trailhead.


  • 5k: sub 20:00
  • 7 mile: sub 53:00
  • 1 mile: 5:30
  • 400m: 67 sec

These are my fitness and athletic aspirations. They aren’t goals because they don’t have deadlines, yet.

  • 100 Pushups straight
  • 30 Pullups straight
  • 120 Situps in 120 seconds
  • 40 Burpees or Squat thrusts in 60 seconds
  • One set of 15 Squats at 2x my own weight
  • Bench Press 225 lbs
  • Body squat standing on a balance ball
  • Sub 5-minute mile
  • Sub 18-minute 5K
  • Sub 3:30 Marathon
  • Be able to hike from the Teton Pass parking lot to the top of Mt. Glory in 30 minutes, in the winter with boots on, skis on pack, and ski down with no more than a 5 minute pause up top. Be able to do this for two laps.
  • Sub 12:30 Ironman (use Lake Placid as a benchmark)
  • Lead a 5.11 Trad 3-pitch+ route (ie I lead at least two pitches)
  • Lead a W4 ice climb
  • Complete a significant, to me, mountaineering challenge (for example, summit Mt. Foraker)
  • Learn how to surf
  • Stick a 360 in the backcountry and a 540 in the park (on skis)
  • Drop a 20′ backcountry cliff
  • Get my Avi III certification
  • Do an unguided, week-long backcountry ski trip in Yellowstone

To some, this list doesn’t make that much sense. It’s a jumble of specific fitness exercises and much broader skill based achievements. It isn’t supposed to make sense. It’s just what I want to physically be able to do. I also recognize that some of these may not happen because other parts of my life take priority. For example, if we decide to start a family, climbing Mt. Foraker is probably not going to happen.

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