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Workouts for the week:

M: Big 24 III + Bench

T: 40 min sub-lactate threshold run – focus on midfoot strike. 30 min stretch and foam roll session. 30 Pullups during the course of the day.

W: Work Capacity “Ohio State“. + DB Bench. Spend 15 minutes stretching after.

R: 40 min sub-lactate threshold run – focus on midfoot strike. 30 min stretch and foam roll session. 20 Pullups during the course of the day.

F: Big 24 IV + Bench

S: Rest

S: Hike or 2+ hour easy road bike ride.

Looks like a big week in the gym, but it won’t really do me much good if I don’t manage to keep the diet in line.


Plan for today is:

Lots of foam rolling and stretching

1 mile run focused on mid-foot form

10-15 minutes of Sandbag Getups to work the lungs a bit.

Ideally, today would have been a great day for an hour+ bike ride. However, it doesn’t seem like the weather is really going to cooperate and it will be dark by the time I can get out for a ride. I’ll ride in the dark and I’ll ride in the rain, but with lots of cars around, dark and rainy is where I draw the line. It’s the first week of September and setting up the trainer seems wrong. Might have to though.

Today is the last day of the six week work capacity cycle (that actually took me 8 to complete).

Next I’m dropping into Rob Shaul’s “Big 24” 4-week strength cycle.

For the rest of the week.
Thursday: Vibram acclimatization drills, Pose running drills, short run.
Friday: Big 24 I – going light, focusing on form.
Saturday: Long Bike Ride
Sunday: Rest or Hike.
Monday: Start Big 24 cycle heavy
Tuesday: Vibram acclimatization drills, Pose running drills, short run.

Monday – 30 minute swim.

TuesdayAxl Rose from

Wednesday – 60 minute stamina run.

ThursdaySwollen Knee, Frozen Shoulder from

Friday – 10 rounds of 30/30 hammer swings followed by 10 rounds of 10 Sandbag Getups / 10 Pushups / 3 Pullups then a 20 min run.

Saturday – 30 minute run with 6 rounds of 40 sec sprint / 20 sec recovery thrown in.

Sunday – Easy hike and rest.

28 – 90-120 min weighted hike
1 – Heavy Work Capacity
2 – 40-60 min run
3 – Light Work Capacity
4 – 90-120 min weighted hike
5 – Strength (15,8,4,2 reps)
6 – 90-120 min weighted hike
7 – Double Stadium (for time, this is your every two week progress check)
8 – Rest
9 – Heavy Work Capacity
10 – 90-120 min weighted hike
11 – Strength (15,8,4,2 reps)
12 – 40-60 min run
13 – 90-120 min weighted hike
14 – Light Work Capacity
15 – Rest

Straight from Rob at Mountain Athlete this is going to be the hardest workout I’ve done to date. Top, well trained athletes finished part 1 in 25 minutes. I’m going to be really pleased if I manage to finish in 35 minutes. It’s a lot of volume. Sum of 1 through 15 = 120 reps of each exercise if my brain isn’t going mushy on me. Thinking back the most reps of wall ball I’ve done in one workout is 60-70, so this will be a challenge. Mentally, though is seems easier as every round gets a little shorter… though I doubt it will seem that way.

Feb 4 – Work Capacity

Warm up: 4x Barbell Complex w/ 45#
1 Barbell Complex = 6 reps each of dead lift, bent over row, hang power clean, front squat, push press, back squat and push ups.


(1) 15-14-13-12 ……1 For Time
Wall Ball w/ 12# Medicine Ball
Dead Lifts w/ 135#
Jingle Jangles

(2) 5 Rounds
10x Hanging Knee Raises
5x Sandbag lifts
Sean Special = 30 sec left ab bridge – 10 pushups – 30 sec right ab bridge


3) 1-2 hour weighted hike + Pulling Work

4) Work Capacity

5) 1-2 hour unweighted hike + Pulling Work

6) Yoga

7) Strength

8) 2-3 hour unweighted hike or bike ride depending on weather

9) Work Capacity

10) Strength

11) Travel to San Francisco – If you have time to run at Stanford do an easy 40 minute run

12) Plyos – This will be your first day in SF. Since you probably won’t have any resources yet you can just do the plyos workout in the park.

13) 1-2 hour weighted hike – gives you extra time to figure out what gym to use etc…

14) Strength

15) Rest

16) Yoga

17) Work Capacity

18) 1-2 hour weighted hike

19) Strength

4 mile loop with 4x 30 sec on / 30 sec off sprint intervals thrown in

Jump rope for 3 minutes before running

4x 10 weighted situps while stretching

Planned workout for tomorrow:

It’s going to be pretty cold, so I need something I can do inside.


  • 2x – Hop up the stairs on two legs, one lap hitting every step, one lap every second step, and one lap every third step.
  • 2x – Hop up the stairs on one leg, hitting every step

1) 3x

  • Leg Blasters – 90 sec rest

2) 4x

  • 40 sec KB swings / 20 sec rest

3) 5x

  • 10 KB Clean and Press (10 each arm)
  • 10 Slasher to Halo
  • 15 Pushups
  • 60 sec rest

4) 3x

  • 90 sec ab bridges
  • 60 sec rest
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