Direction for the 4th Big 24 routine was to get to 10# shy of Monday’s finishing load by the 3rd or 4th round and then finish all the remaining sets at that weight. I could feel the added volume. I hope to finish Monday’s routine 20# above where I finished today’s.

“The Exercise”

1 65
2 75
3 85
4-8 95

Power Clean + Push Press

1 65
2 85
3 105
4-8 115

Squat Clean

1 65
2 85
3 105
4-8 115

Finished off the session with 40 KB snatches @ 16kg


Rob’s “Ohio State” with some modifications as marked in red. I did it at home and had to work with the equipment I have there. I gotta do more running. This gassed me much more than I thought it would.

Warm up: 5 Rounds
20x Swings (M-20kg, W-16kg) 16kg, for 40 of the 100 I did snatches instead of swings.


(1) 6 Rounds
Run 400m 600m
5x Scotty Bob (M-25#, W-15#)
10x Slasher (M-20kg, W-12kg) 16kg

(2) 3 Rounds
5x Mobility Getup (use 10 or 15# dumbbell)
Rope Climb 5 Towel Pullups

Weigh in: 206.4

All my weigh ins are first thing in the morning when I wake up to keep things as consistent as possible.

Good workout.

Diet was on track – until the gut busting Pad Thai at dinner.

Ate clean yesterday. Did not do the lactate threshold distance run. Had to stay late at work. The only time I am certain I can control is early morning, so that’s when I have to workout.

First weigh in: 208.0
Down 2.2# in a week. Not bad considering my diet went off course on days 3 and 4.

When I started working out about a year ago I had some notion of the fitness goals I wanted to achieve. Now that I know much more, it’s time to revisit them.

Long – Term Goals


– Mountain Athlete Strength Standards (1RM)

Front Squat:       1.5x  Bodyweight (285)
Dead Lift:         2.0x  Bodyweight (380)
Bench Press:       1.5x  Bodyweight (285)
Squat Clean:       1.25x Bodyweight (240)
Clean & Press:     1.0x  Bodyweight (190)

– 100+ Operator Ugly Score
– 40 Consecutive Strict Pull Ups
– 100 Consecutive Strict Pushups

Work Capacity

– sub – 30:00 100x Curtis Ps @ 95#
10,000 Inches for time – No benchmark set yet
– 5x Leg Blasters for time – No benchmark set yet

Stamina + Speed

– 5k: 18:30
– 10k: 42:00
– 10 miles: 72:30


– 2k: 6:30
– 6k: 21:00

I was sitting around shooting the shit with my future father in-law this weekend. We were talking about strength, fitness and whatnot. He made a comment that rings very true to me:

If your home is burning, could you pick up your injured wife and carry her down the stairs and out of danger? If you can’t, could you live with yourself?

Solid, clean day of eating. Didn’t weigh or measure anything, but small portions, no wheat, and only a little dairy in my coffee.

This last week I’ve been consistent with supplementation.

4,000 IU Vitamin D (D3)

4 big Omega-3 Fish Oil pills

100mg Kelp


photo: (cc) pshutterbug

Good stuff. Big improvements vs just Friday:
“The Exercise” +15#
Power Clean & Push Press + 10#
Squat Cleans + 5#

“The Exercise”

1     65
2     75
3     85
4     85
5     90
6     90
7     95
8     105

Power Clean + Push Press

1     65
2     85
3     105
4     105
5     105
6     105
7     115
8    125

Squat Clean

1     65
2     85
3     105
4     105
5     105
6     110
7     115
8    120

Bench: Had to cut it short – had to leave.

8     135
3     145
3     150
3     155

Workouts for the week:

M: Big 24 III + Bench

T: 40 min sub-lactate threshold run – focus on midfoot strike. 30 min stretch and foam roll session. 30 Pullups during the course of the day.

W: Work Capacity “Ohio State“. + DB Bench. Spend 15 minutes stretching after.

R: 40 min sub-lactate threshold run – focus on midfoot strike. 30 min stretch and foam roll session. 20 Pullups during the course of the day.

F: Big 24 IV + Bench

S: Rest

S: Hike or 2+ hour easy road bike ride.

Looks like a big week in the gym, but it won’t really do me much good if I don’t manage to keep the diet in line.

The good:

Don’t feel sore at all from yesterday’s Big 24 workout, which means I need to go harder on Monday. I was worried that the lifting volume would catch up to me, but it hasn’t … yet.

The bad:

Diet pretty much went out the window. I’m struggling to stay Paleo in social situations and at times when I’m not in control of the food at my disposal. That shouldn’t be an issue for the next two weeks. I’m in charge of picking the restaurant the next couple of times I’m going out and won’t need to travel for work. Hopefully that two week window will get me over the hump.

photo: (cc) woodleywonderworks
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