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40 min run in the woods at lactate threshold. Focused on form and a mid-foot strike but it just seemed to come naturally. I don’t know if it’s running on dirt trails, running in the woods themselves, or what. I felt like I could run forever at that pace.

My hamstrings are s-o-r-e from yesterday. I didn’t even complete Big 24 V, but I’m more sore after Monday’s session than any previous gym day during this cycle.


Ran for 30 minutes at lactate threshold using a mid-forefoot strike the whole way. That’s the furthest I’ve run while maintaining form.

I didn’t run in the Five Fingers but instead went with a beat up, old school pair of New Balances that were in the back of my closet. They have no cushioning to speak of, a nearly flat sole, and even the padded insert is long gone. Although my goal is to run in the Five Fingers all the time, there is no way my feet are strong enough. These old school trainers let me focus on form while also letting me get in enough distance to make for a workout.

Just a 3.75 mile run at a decent pace (29:30 something = 7:50 something miles). That’s what I needed for a “rest” day between gym efforts.

A lot of folks will tell me that I’m wasting my time running. That cardio is incredibly mode specific. Here’s what I know: The purpose of my training is to be able to skin up a mountain for about 30-40 minutes at a time. So, an aerobic effort of the same length with some incline is probably a good idea. Not perfect, but not useless either.

I do plenty of interval stuff in the gym (tomorrow is going to be killer). I know that there is a lot of research out there that strongly supports the use of interval training. However, I also know that very little of what passes as interval training in the gym or in a fitness setting is done at the necessary intensity or frequency to elicit the endurance gains found in a study setting. Likewise, the science has been done for short training periods (4-6 weeks). We don’t have hard evidence that these short-term results replicate over the long-term. (See Lyle McDonald’s discussion here for more on this). So that’s why I still run. Soon I hope to be doing all this running in my Five Fingers, but my lower leg and ankle strength isn’t there yet.

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