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40 min run in the woods at lactate threshold. Focused on form and a mid-foot strike but it just seemed to come naturally. I don’t know if it’s running on dirt trails, running in the woods themselves, or what. I felt like I could run forever at that pace.

My hamstrings are s-o-r-e from yesterday. I didn’t even complete Big 24 V, but I’m more sore after Monday’s session than any previous gym day during this cycle.


Just an absolutely gorgeous day today. I went for an easy 38k bike ride down to Arlington Cemetery and back. Kept the heart rate below 150 almost the entire time. It felt good to be back on the bike.

Over the course of the rest of the day I’m going to do 30 pullups. At some point I’ll also crank out:

5 Rounds
2 min Sandbag Getups (65#)
20 Pushups

When I started working out about a year ago I had some notion of the fitness goals I wanted to achieve. Now that I know much more, it’s time to revisit them.

Long – Term Goals


– Mountain Athlete Strength Standards (1RM)

Front Squat:       1.5x  Bodyweight (285)
Dead Lift:         2.0x  Bodyweight (380)
Bench Press:       1.5x  Bodyweight (285)
Squat Clean:       1.25x Bodyweight (240)
Clean & Press:     1.0x  Bodyweight (190)

– 100+ Operator Ugly Score
– 40 Consecutive Strict Pull Ups
– 100 Consecutive Strict Pushups

Work Capacity

– sub – 30:00 100x Curtis Ps @ 95#
10,000 Inches for time – No benchmark set yet
– 5x Leg Blasters for time – No benchmark set yet

Stamina + Speed

– 5k: 18:30
– 10k: 42:00
– 10 miles: 72:30


– 2k: 6:30
– 6k: 21:00